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Outward-Arched Curtain Hooks Make Any Shower Feel Gigantic

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The only thing more annoying than having to shower in a cramped bathtub doing double-duty is having the curtain constantly blowing in, minimizing what little space you have already. An arched curtain rod is one solution, but that is nowhere near as easy to install as these Curvit arched hooks that push your shower's curtain outwards and away from you.

At just $24 for a set of 12 Curvit hooks, it's just about the cheapest and most effective way to upgrade your bathroom next to the fancy three-ply toilet paper. Installation simply requires you to hang the 12 hooks on the rod and then re-attach your shower curtain to them. When you're done you'll have lots of room to stretch out and feel like you're showering at a luxury spa every morning, minus the heated towels. [Curvit via Dude I Want That]