Over 25 Billion Tweets Were Sent in 2010, and the iPad Was the Top Tech Subject

The year is only just grinding to a halt, but Twitter's already released its list of the top subjects tweeted about in 2010. Of the 25 billion tweets published, BP's Gulf oil spill disaster was the most tweeted-about term.

Following the disaster, it was the FIFA World Cup; the movie Inception; the Haiti earthquake; and the goddamned king of noise-makers during the World Cup, the Vuvuzela.


On the list at number six was the iPad, and it was Android that was the seventh most-tweeted-about subject. Justin Bieber only just made the top ten at number eight, and the film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was number nine. Pulpo Paul, the psychic octupus which prophesied during the World Cup, rounded out the top ten. [Twitter via TechCrunch]

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