Overheard at Phone Conference: "Nokia Will Never Release an Android Handset"

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At the Swedish Finnish phonemaker's booth, I overheard a Nokia rep say that Nokia "will never release an Android handset." He added, "You can quote me on that," which is good, because I am!


Nokia's aging Symbian S60 OS isn't maturing so well, as seen on their N97 handset, and though they've made some positive strides with Maemo, it sounds like they might be limiting themselves to those two OSes—at least until the market forces them elsewhere. On the other hand, the "No Android" statement was pretty obvious.

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Honestly, Maemo is pretty fantastic. If they get that onto some really great phone hardware and start pushing it hard (and drop Symbian into the toilet where it belongs) then they'll be right back into the smartphone game.

Since it was originally designed for tablets, it's a very different take on a Smartphone UI than what iPhone and Android are doing, but they can use that to their advantage to cater to more hardcore users since it's also extremely versatile.