Paddle Salt and Pepper Shakers Bring Air Hockey To the Dinner Table

If you find it hard enough to keep order when all of your kids are gathered in the dining room for dinner, this set of air hockey salt and pepper shakers is just about the last thing you'd want to bring to the table. Because thanks to felt pads on the underside they're just as functional as air hockey paddles as they are at seasoning a bland dish.

Fred & Friends' $15 Game On! shakers are made from food-safe BPH and phthalate-free plastic, and they even come with a plastic puck for when all the plates and cutlery are cleared and your kids need to battle it out to decide who's on post-dinner dish duty. Just remember that without air jets that puck isn't going to slide around as easily as it would on a real air hockey table, but that probably isn't going to stop kids from trying. [Fred & Friends via Foodiggity]


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