Paintball The Enemy With Propane

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Playing paintball back in the day was fun, except that the game would screech to a halt when everyone ran out of CO2. We'd drive over to Dick's Sporting Goods and get our tanks refilled for $5 then get back into the game. That trip to Dick's is now a thing of the past thanks to a new solution from marker-maker Tippmann. The C-3 with PEP marker uses "Propane Enhanced Performance" technology or, simply put, uses propane instead of CO2. Propane has proved to be much more efficient because it won't freeze when you play in the Arctic Tundra this winter, and you'll get about 50,000 shots out of your marker instead of the lame 800 to 1000 you get from a 16 oz. canister of CO2. Plus propane is dirt cheap. A big tank for your grill costs about $8. The new C-3 with PEP is going to set you back $229, but it pays for itself from not having to use CO2.

Fuel-injected paintball gun takes aim [New Launches]


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