Palm's been MIA on the major hardware department in 2007. It was strange enough they went to 3GSM empty handed, but to show up at CTIA the same way was just confusing. With all the talk about selling off the company, as well as the recent fantasy rumor of new hardware in the UMPC format, one thing's for certain: People are hungry for fresh gear from palm that doesn't look like yet-another-Treo. Or a low end model. Or a different colored one. Maybe that time is closer rather than further.

Now, all people noticed talking about Godfather of Gadget Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher's All Things D conference, is that Bill and Steve are going to be chatting it up on stage with the two hosts. No one noticed that Palm's Jeff Hawkins would be speaking at the event, too. It could be something to do with the learning software that Wired just wrote about. But it says he's there on behalf of Palm. Here's to hoping that when he speaks at D, May 29-31, it's something grand.


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