Palm CEO Insists That Palm Can Survive On Its Own

While Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein says the company would certainly "consider takeover offers," he insists that Palm can survive as an independent company. Not only that, but he has hope for the future:

Mr Rubinstein said Palm was working "fast and furious on new handsets". "We do have a strong pipeline of products in the future," he added


Good on you, Mr. Rubinstein, but I'm going to keep hoping for a Google deal to save your company. [Financial Times via Engadget]

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Broken Machine

If there isn't a new handset on the market June 6th, when the Sprint first-day adopters are eligible for upgrade, Palm will lose a ton of customers. I'm thinking Sprint will have a Pre Plus as a stop-gap to whatever the C40 will be. I love my Pre, love WebOS, but I'm a little sick of putting new screen protectors on because the speakers fail every 4-6 months.