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Palm Z Micro R/C Dogfighting Bi-Plane

Illustration for article titled Palm Z Micro R/C Dogfighting Bi-Plane

The Palm Z Micro Plane is a lightweight flier controlled by infrared remote control. What's really awesome is the plane's bi-wing design and flaming paint job. Then there's the remote's tri-band functionality, allowing for three of the planes to fly in the same space, so you and your friends can trail one another under the dinner table and try to knock the planes out of the sky.


Since the Palm Z is made out of foam, you don't have to worry about crashes, either. Each flier will set you back over $40, though, and the controllers take six AA batteries. Cheap for an RC plane, but maybe not a tiny one. The planes include a lithium polymer battery inside that takes ten minutes to charge and allows for five minutes of flying. [Firebox via Shiny Shiny]

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@Dude27: it's no different than the similar cute little RC cars that you can buy in a mall kiosk, only the charger/controller has a battery, the vehicle itself draws its load from a capacitor. I tried to get my wife's cousin, who works for an electrical manufacturer to supe up my little RC with more powerful components but there wasn't enough room for mods inside.