Panasonic D-Snap: Noise-Canceling Digital Audio Player

Panasonic announced D-Snap, a noise-canceling digital audio player that lets you listen to high-quality sound without having to overcome ambient noise levels with high volume. Music is stored on a removable SD card rather than a hard disc or internal flash memory, probably a good decision given the plummeting prices of SD memory.

Panasonic plans a variety of accessories to go along with the D-Snap, which is shown conveniently docking into the company's upcoming D-Dock SD stereo system. Available in two models, the SD800N will be available in purple or gray, and the SD400V comes in pink, aqua, white, and yellow. The SD800N is set to ship in Japan on September 9, with no word on US availability yet.


Product Page [Panasonic, via Sci Fi Tech]

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