Panasonic Hints at Car Blu-Ray Players

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Give me a break, Panasonic. I think the first step in this high-def DVD war is getting people to accept Blu-Ray in the traditional home theatre format, but if you want to go balls-to-the-wall and start pushing car Blu-Ray player, then I guess that is your decision. Panasonic's U.S. chairman and CEO Yoshi Yamada said that Panasonic is hoping to extend Blu-Ray's reach to mobile entertainment, re: vehicle and other portable Blu-Ray players. A whopping 1,080 lines of progressively refreshed goodness on a 7-inch screen? I have some pretty good eyes, but not good enough to be able to fully enjoy that kind of HD on a tiny screen in a moving vehicle. Good luck with that, Panasonic.

Blu-ray Coming to Cars, Panasonic Hints [TechnoRide]