Panasonic's Next Micro Four Thirds, the GF3, Slips Out in a Video

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They're just getting smaller, aren't they? The GF2 was 19% smaller than the GF1, and there's a good likelihood the GF3 will be even smaller. Due to be announced soon, the GF3's rumored to be almost totally controlled by touchscreen.

4/3 Rumors has heard that this model doesn't have a hotshoe, and has the same sensor the one used in Panasonic's G3 camera, which is 16MP. While the official Panasonic video has been removed from YouTube now, 4/3 Rumors thankfully acted quickly and got the above screenshots of the camera. [4/3 Rumors]


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I hope they have invented a truly remarkable touch-screen interface then. If they haven't, they are making these cameras less useful with each generation.

The GF1 is a fantastic camera to use because it has proper controls that are immediately at hand when you want them.

The GF2 removed a bunch of those and I can't think of one review I read in which it wasn't pointed out that this was a step backward.

Now they want me enjoy the fabulous stability of holding the camera out with one arm to compose on a screen that I'm also stabbing away at with my finger in order to change settings?

No. I have a cellphone for that kind of bullshit.