Pancakes from Space!

Today's challenge: how do you profess your passion for all-things-space in a fried breakfast food?

For a literal approach, I refuse to allow the pancake-astronaut meme to be the first, last, and only word in astronomy-based pancakes when so many other scrumptious possibilities exist. Even though renowned pancake-artist Saipancakes has tackled fractals, he hasn't produced a set of planet-themed breakfast art yet. Lucky for us, the husband of Karen in the Kitchen is more astro-inclined, bringing us this edible rocket ship:

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Rocketship pancake by the unnamed-husband of Karen in the Kitchen.

But, how about if we get a bit more scientific? The Pancake Rocks in New Zealand are beautiful, interesting geology: interbedded limestone and mudstone dating back to just after the dinosaurs died and our mammalian ancestors were starting to strut around owning the place. Since that mix of limestone and mud roughly translates as "dead sea creatures sandwiched between layers of silt so fine it doesn't even feel gritty when you chew on it," it's not the most appetizing rock formation to munch on, but millions of years of weathering have certainly made it beautiful to look at:

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Mmmm, tasty pancake rocks... Photograph from Wikimedia Commons.

Much better for bringing science into Pancake Day, but where's the space angle. This is the moment you've been waiting for: Pancake Rocks from Space!!!

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X marks the spot of New Zealand's Pancake Rocks, as seen from space. Photograph modified from the Earth Observatory.


Okay, fine, that was a stretch far enough to make my yoga-obsessed city proud, but it's the best that I've got without making pancakes. Mmmm, pancakes... What've you got that I missed for pancake-based space appreciation?

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Now I want to get into a zero-gravity environment and try to make a spherical pancake.