Panoptic Systems C-Thru 3D Video Surveillance System: Big Brother Watches You in 3D

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This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

An old Star Trek episode comes to life with the Panoptic Systems C-Thru 3D Video Surveillance System, a way for Big Brother to get a "god's-eye view" of everything going on inside a building or plane. Taking input from numerous 360-degree cameras placed throughout any location, the system combines all those images into one "auto-stereoscopic" display.


But wait, it gets better. The company has also implemented facial recognition software into the system, so it can not only keep track of where people are, but who they are, too. The surveillance system hasn't been implemented anywhere yet, but if this is actually practical and not just some pipe dream, let's just hope it's used for good rather than ill.

Product Page [Panoptic Systems, via Sci Fi Tech]


I see Vegas being the first group to implement this. Casino security. And why do we need this wohho? Because it's the next step. 30 years ago it was all, "hey, Bill, how many people on the floor?"

"Uh, let me go, wait, 46."

15 years ago we had "motion detection" tied to big computers that could

over lay that on a floor plan and and you had red dots moving around

the screen on your 2D map.

Now we can have true 3D reps of people, locations, how fast they're

walking/running, etc. We also get barrier heights. If you have a wall

in the middle of the room you might call down and say, "hey, Jim, he

right on the other side of the wall in front of you."

"No shit Tom, that wall is only 4 feet high, I'm staring right at him."


"I can't see him? He must be ducking down behind that wall that is only 4 feet high."

Anyone remember the Alien movies?

"10 meters and closing on your position"

"Where? I don't see them."

"5 meters! Get out of there!"

"Where are they man?! I don't see them!"

"2 meters! They should be right in front of you!"

"I don't see them! They're not *ack* *bam* *spffft* aaaaaaaaiiiiiiieeeee, help me!"

All because it was 2D and they were in the air duct above the tiny,

cramped, dark hallway that all the Alien movies seemed to be filled

with. Anyway, point is, 3D is more accurate than 2D. Technology moves

on. Progress progresses. Onward and upward. E pluribis unum. In vino

veritas. Etc. Etc.