It's one of those things that I'm surprised took this long to come to fruition. The Pantone Hotel, each room decorated in one of seven color palettes, even offers color consultants for color psychology and trends. Gulp.

Located on the Place Loix in Brussels, the themes available for the 59 rooms are "earthy, rich," "daring, fiery," "vibrant, intense," "cheerful, warm," "captivating, esteemed, silky," "fresh, eager" and tranquil, aquatic, exhilarating." You've probably worked out by now that the colors for those rooms are brown, red, bright yellow, soft yellow, pink, green and blue—with each room featuring artwork, photos and accessories in the chosen mood.


Rooms seem to be pretty affordable, with deal sites listing them at well under €100 ($120) a night. [Pantone Hotel via Apartment Therapy]

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