Paralyzed Man Is the First Person To Tweet With His Eyes

A paralyzed man just tweeted for the first time, using only his eyes to write the message. It's the first time anyone has ever tweeted with their eyes.


Tony Niclinkson a massive stroke in 2005 that left him completely unable to move or speak. But now he has a way to communicate. Using the handle @TonyNicklinson, he said "Hello world, I am tony nicklinson, I have locked-in syndrome and this is my first ever tweet."

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Special software follows the movements of his eyes on a keyboard and converts each letter selection into text and speech. While this is a wonderful development, Tony's story is pretty bleak. There's no cure for his condition, and he's currently petitioning the High Court in the U.K. to let him end his life lawfully. Despite the gravity of his situation, this could open up a lot of possibilities for communication for other paralyzed people. [The Guardian]



locked-in syndrome, that's nasty. Very lucky to be able to move his eyes, otherwise, he would have no ablilty to communicate. Seriously, thank you technology and those who create it.