Parenting Advice From Ash vs. Evil Dead's Blissfully Crude Hero Is Just as Funny as You'd Expect

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We’re under a month away from Ash vs. Evil Dead season three, which will continue the blood-soaked adventures of macho horror icon Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) and his merry band of Deadite-fighters. This time around, Ash’s long-lost teenage daughter will be joining the team and io9 has an exclusive preview.

In this video from Starz—part of an ongoing social-media series sharing questionable parenting advice from “Papa Ash,” being rolled out in the countdown to Ash vs Evil Dead’s long-awaited return—our chainsaw-wielding hero holds forth on a topic near and dear to his heart: Partying.

Oh Ash, how we’ve missed you—and your (sometimes misguided, always hilarious) outlook on life, love, and excessive booze-guzzling. Starz also shared with io9 a pair of exclusive photos showing Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless, in character as Ash and Ruby, gearing up for battle with their respective weapons of choice.


Ash: Chainsaw, boomstick.

Ruby: Is that... the Kandarian Dagger?


Just because Ruby’s dressed in white should not be taken as a sign that she’s back on Ash’s side—at least, if the season three trailers (linked below) are to be believed. Of course, given the gallons of gore that are unleashed in every episode, she might be getting a more suitably evil wardrobe change well before episode two.

Ash vs Evil Dead returns to Starz on February 25.