Paris' Newest Apple Store Is Least Apple-Like Store Yet

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It's also the most beautiful, keeping all of the original fittings from the old bank that was once situated there. Instead of using their typical chrome-and-glass stairs, Apple thankfully chose to keep the stunning carved wooden stairs and wrought-iron railings.

It opened to the public Saturday gone, and caused queues around the block as Parisian Apple fans jollied to get their hands on the iPhone 4 and iPad. Situated facing the famous Opera de Paris, the Apple Opéra Store still has the mosaic tile floor, marble columns and other features that make it decidedly "French." [Apple via Fortune]

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Not for nothing, but, uh, Steve....this is actually pretty disgusting.

Bland wooden tables look great in a store that's centered around minimalism. When everything, even the walls and glass are smooth, pristine, and clean those tables look perfect.

But in a lavish and luxuriant environment like this? It looks like your budget ran out. The tables almost feel like you threw them together in a warehouse from some spare pallets.

It just doesn't fit. It's like giant robots in a John Wayne movie. Two styles that are probably great separately, but when you put them together, you get Wild Wild West.