Party Vest Straps an 8-Inch Subwoofer To Your Back

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The Christmas party season is in full swing, and if you really want to make a great impression with your boss and co-workers you'll certainly be noticed if you wear this self-powered speaker vest instead of a sweater and khakis.

Available on Etsy for a mere $850, the vest features a pair of amplified motorcycle speakers peeking over each shoulder, with an eight inch Boss Audio Bass900 subwoofer strapped to the back. Power is provided by a custom made 10 cell battery belt that comes complete with independent volume and bass controls, and inputs for connecting an MP3 player.

The vest will not only keep any party centered around you, but that subwoofer should also help break up all that leftover phlegm from last week's cold. Or, you know, rupture your internal organs.[Etsy via Geekologie]