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Pathetic Lawsuit Is Blocking You from Getting the New Facebook

Illustration for article titled Pathetic Lawsuit Is Blocking You from Getting the New Facebook

Facebook's new Timeline profile is really, really cool, and you were supposed to be using it by now. Unfortunately, the site's 750 million users are going to wait, Mashable reports. Why? That stupid, pissant trademark infringement lawsuit.


Here's how it's going to play out: Facebook is a massive, massively rich company which can afford the best possible lawyers in the world. is the opposite of that. Even if their claims had some validity to them—which they don't—Facebook would prevail. That's just sort of how it works! But again, they don't have a single toe to stand on here. Facebook's Timeline profile and to completely different things. And yes, crying sad internet baby, Facebook Timeline shows up before you on Google, because Facebook is Facebook.


You can still switch over to Timeline manually if you don't feel like waiting for the legal table-slapping to end, but the new profile should still activate for the general public pretty soon, unless a judge sides with This is unlikely. [Mashable]

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Am I the only one who thinks a "visual history of your existence" put on the internet is the worst thing ever? I like social networking as a place to share things with each other, as oppose to giving my entire autobiography, as if I'm someone important, or as if you are!