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This may feel like Groundhog Day for you and Steve Ballmer, but according to computer and component manufacturers, Vista is not the hotcake that they were hoping for. The not-so-shiny-shiny-anymore OS is not helping sales at all and some companies may end with a whole bunch of unsold stuff in their warehouses.


Take Acer's president, Gianfranco Lanci, who has just said that "PC makers are really not counting on Vista to drive high demands for the industry." Or Samsung Electronics, who now says that DRAM demand has not matched anyone's predictions based on Vista's now failed projections, something that is being echoed by the industry as a whole.

So forget about Señor Gates' words on Vista pushing PC sales. You may want to punch us, Bill, but apparently those 20 million copies sold are indeed business as usual.

Hasta la Vista baby, say PC makers [India Times]


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