Pegg, Frost Retreat From Comic-Con Filming

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They may be winning us over with video postcards from the set, but Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have just broken our hearts by admitting that they won't be filming new movie Paul at Comic-Con this year after all.


Pegg admitted the painful truth to thelondonpaper:

We are recreating Comic-Con for it in Alberquerque, New Mexico. I wanted to shoot at real Comic-Con, but it's a minefield - you can't have a room of 10,000 people and not have one of them look at the camera and go, "oooohh."


There go our hopes of Comic-Con stardom... As well as the chance to appear in the background of one of the most anticipated geek movies of next year. Unless they're looking for convincing extras in New Mexico, of course...

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