Pentax Leaks Affordable New K-m DSLR

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There've been lots of rumors floating around about Pentax's Photokina lineup, and it looks like the German Pentax site leaked some images and details about the K-m, an entry-level DSLR. Specs are a little bit sketchy, but it's using the same 10.2MP Sony sensor as the K200D, and retains the 2.7-inch screen and the sad lack of Live View. But the iso gets a boost to 3200 and the fps to 3.5, and the pricing seems extremely competitive, at only 500 euro for the 1-lens kit and 600 for the 2-lens kit. The K line has been solid so far, so we'll be watching out for it at Photokina. [1001 via Crunchgear]


Haha.. affordable..

I'll buy US..