People Test Toilets Using Fake Poop?

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If you always thought toilets just worked, be prepared to reassess. A company called Maximum Performance dedicates its activities to optimizing your bathroom experience—and that's led it to develop fake poop for testing toilets. Really.

What you looking at is a stack of 350-gram segments of soybean paste, specially mixed and extruded to simulate real-life, human-delivered toilet content. Once formed, the soybean cylinders are dropped into the bowl from an appropriate height and location in order to accurately recreate the loading a toilet experiences.

From there, uh, I guess it's possible to make more effective bowls and flushes and things. Whatever, just be glad your job isn't dropping fake poop into a toilet all day. Imagine explaining that to a date... If you want to learn more about the whole process—and why wouldn't you—Maximum Performance has a page explaining the entire thing, start to finish. [Maximum Performance via Nerdcore via Neatorama]


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I wonder what he tells people he does for a living at cocktail parties.

"Yes...I create simulated human waste and feed it into a test toilet to test it's maximum disposal capabilities."

I bet he just says he's a mailman or something.