Pepsi Wants Scent Capsules So Its Bottles Don't Smell Like Plastic

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Cracking open a cold bottle of Pepsi, only to be hit by the smells of the chemicals in the plastic container instead of the cola, can ruin the experience. And for a company that's perpetually been a runner up in the Cola Wars, finding new ways to gain traction with consumers is vitally important. So through a patent application, PepsiCo has revealed a unique aroma delivery system that ensures the first thing you smell is always the product.


The patent reveals a system where microscopic gelatin capsules filled with a concentrated ingredient are ruptured when a bottle's cap is open and removed. This in turn causes a release of a specific aroma—whether it be cola for a bottle of Pepsi, or fresh oranges for a bottle of OJ—which further enhances a customer's enjoyment of said product. And while it might seem like a gimmick, scent engineering is a big business and can do wonders for a product's sales. Just remember how hard it is to walk past a Cinnabon without buying something. [Consumerist via FastCoExist]

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Pepsi is so not a runner up in the Cola wars. Pepsico has grown into a larger company than Coke.