Perfect Girl iPhone App Says Those Sweet Nothings You'll Never, Ever Hear in Real Life

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For us single Gizmodians out there, a warm body may be too much hope this Saturday. That's where the Perfect Girl app comes in—"I'll try anything once," it says. Now where's that Perfect Man app?

The Perfect Girl app spews out one-liners that some of you may never ever, ever hear from any self-respecting woman ("You are so right") for only $1. Honestly, even as a member of the fairer sex, I thought the app was completely worth the laughs... until I started hearing things I remember uttering in the past. Now can you guess which ones?

I'm the perfect girl.*
I called in sick for you. Have fun at the game!
I love ninjas.
Wear whatever you want.
I'll try anything once.*
Have fun drinking with your friends!*
Here, you can have my food.
You are so right.
Sleep in as late as you want, I'll have breakfast ready.
I cleaned the game room.*
Did you want me to wait outside?
I hooked up the surround sound!*
See you in the morning!*
I bought you a new speed boat.
I bought you some spray paint.
Do you think she's flirting with us?
I really love watching you play video games.
Happy birthday. I got you a monkey!
Just get drunk there, I'll come pick you up.


*If you guessed these, you were correct. See? I really am perfect.

[Perfect Girl]

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