"Performance Enhancing iPod" Gets Marathon Winner Disqualified

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I can't run a mile without being hyped up by music, so I'm glad I'm not a marathon runner. After being declared the winner of Milwaukee's 26.2-mile Lakefront marathon, Jennifer Goebel was stripped of the title because she…used an iPod.


It sounds pretty lame, but apparently USA Track and Field rules state that elite runners competing for USATF championships or cash prizes aren't allowed to use electronic devices. Everyone else is free to.

Adding to the whole mess, Goebel was only made the winner after the fastest woman was earlier disqualified for accepting a water bottle from a friend, instead of just official water stations. On a forum debating the water incident, a photo of Goebel using the iPod turned up, and then the shit hit the fan. Again.

"If they're going to disqualify me for having an iPod they should disqualify everyone who had one. It's just a little ridiculous. I went there to have a fun race with my friends. If you're bored, it pumps you up a little bit."

I hear ya, but rules are rules, I guess. [JSOnline via The Sporting Blog]



Unfortunately rules are rules and if, as she says:

" I went there to have a fun race with my friends."

then she shouldn't care if they disqualify her.

If, however, she went there to win then she has to read the rules.