Phew: Cute iPhone Factory Girl Didn't Get Fired

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After a Foxconn factory worker had adorable snapshots of her discovered in a brand new iPhone and posted all over the internet, many worried that she would be fired-or you know, worse. A Foxconn rep told a Chinese newspaper that "she is definitely not fired," and that the pictures were test photos "accidentally" left on the iPhone. He didn't comment on the number of lashings she received. I'm glad that all worked out, I wouldn't want Adam's conscience burdened by the fact he ruined some girl's life while he's vacationing on the Cape. [Macrumors]


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halloweenjack, King of the Wild Frontier

Here's the truth, y'all: unable to shake my overweening obsession with her, I utilized a little-known feature of the iPhone's GPS function to determine her location, called her on the iPhone that she was working on at the time, and arranged to have her smuggled to the U.S. She's at my apartment now; we still haven't quite managed to overcome the language barrier, but she really rocks on Katamari Damacy.

P.S. She's 23, you pervs.