Philippe Starck's Light Photon Lamp Is Made From OLEDs and Unicorns' Eye-Teeth

Illustration for article titled Philippe Starcks Light Photon Lamp Is Made From OLEDs and Unicorns Eye-Teeth

This rather bizarre-looking creation isn't a solar panel that's normally found on a roof—oh no, it's the latest work from Philippe Starck, and is made from OLEDs and stainless steel. It's a light. A very, very pricey light.


It'll set you back more than you pay annually for electricity, but as it uses OLEDs for the light source at least the bills won't soar! $5,900, if it floats anyone's boat. Just don't try fixing it to your roof. [Moss via AcquireMag via Born Rich]

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The hell... I don't even know what I'm looking at. It's like a giant air vent, with a pole sticking out of it; a knife attached to the pole, and a wire sticking out of the knife. I don't know what's up, down, or sideways. Gah! I'm so confused...