Philips 9-inch PhotoFrame: Two Inches Bigger, That's About It

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Philips already has our attention with its beautifully-designed 7-inch photo frame, and now a 9-inch unit augments the mix but doesn't add a lot more features. The pixel count of this larger screen wasn't noted, but word is that it's a "high-performance LCD screen" with increased levels of sharpness, brightness and contrast. In addition to its paltry onboard memory storage, it has two flash card readers that can both be used at the same time, accommodating SD, MMC, Memory Stick, CompactFlash and XD memory cards.

We're liking the solid construction and clean design of this frame, now available in two styles—Modern like its 7-inch brother and pictured here, and Classic, which we don't have a picture of yet. We have quite a bit hands-on experience with the 7-inch unit, whose user interface is baffling at first but works well nonetheless. We are a bit disappointed that this latest model doesn't include WiFi support, such as the eStarling picture frame, which teased us early this year but then unceremoniously disappeared. If someone would roll out a frame with its features, it could clean up in this market, no doubt.


The next big revelation about this Philips frame will be its price. Will it go the Samsung route and cost well over $300, or will the company further commoditize this hot category and bring it into the $150 range?

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