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Philips DUAL: A QWERTY TV Remote That Begs To Be Touched

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The internet's coming to TV's, haven't you heard, and searching for YouTubes with your standard TV remote just isn't gonna cut it. Philips Home Control's DUAL, however, will let you surf channels and search the web with one elegant device.

Details on the DUAL remote are scarce—it seems like Philips Home Control just trotted it out at IBC 2010 in Amsterdam for show—but Phillips suggests that such a device would eventually offer multiple methods of input: mash on the channel up and down buttons, like normal; type on the QWERTY keyboard, wave it at your TV as a pointer, etc:

The appliance is equipped with alternate input methods like pointing, touchpad, or optical sensor, allowing user interfaces to implement free cursor, gesturing and moving highlight mechanisms thereby making browsing a better experience than the traditional 4 directional keys.


Sounds great. In the meantime, I'd be happy if they could just put T9 word on my current remote. [Engadget]