Philips' Luxe MP3 Player/Bluetooth Headset Coming Stateside

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Philips’ Luxe MP3 Player, that Jawbone-shaped device that doubles as a bluetooth headset, is coming to the U.S. following its Singapore launch, thankfully with a color option that doesn't include a tacky jeweled face.


The GoGear Luxe comes with Bluetooth and a microphone, allowing the listener to switch between other Bluetooth devices, such as your phone with just one click. It will also display caller information if the listener is currently on a phone call, in addition to displaying music information on a LCD strip. Estimated with a 10 hour battery life, the GoGear Luxe will be available in January, costing $89 for the 2GB version or $99 the 4GB version.

Enjoy MP3 and WMA music on the move with the latest additions to Philips GoGear personal music players – the Raga, Spark and LUXE flash audio players. These stylish, new USB 2.0 devices provide fast and easy music and data transfer. Simply load your device with songs and plug in a pair of headphones for up to 30 hours of listening time.

The new GoGear LUXE features integrated Bluetooth® connectivity so it can switch between your favorite tunes and phone calls with a single click. The LCD strip displays track details and caller information so you never miss a beat.

Access even more music on the go with the Rhapsody™-enabled Go Gear Spark. Its 1.5-inch color display allows for easy navigation and viewable album art.

The GoGear LUXE and Spark feature FullSound™, a digital audio algorithm patented by Philips. FullSound refines audio output by performing 10 million operations per second to analyze and re-compute the music signal before it is sent to the speaker.


[Philips at Gizmodo]

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