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Piano-Playing Robot Virtuoso Is the Child Your Parents Always Wanted

You know those deep feelings of resentment you have towards your parents for the countless hours they made you practice the piano? Arpeggio, a piano-playing robot that could easily perform at Carnegie Hall, is the over-achieving childhood musician your parents secretly always wanted.


Player pianos are nothing new, but what makes Arpeggio unique is that the robot can sidle up to everything from a Casio electronic keyboard to a Steinway baby grand, and automatically align itself to hit the right keys and even foot pedals. Through software updates it can play everything from classical to jazz—and probably even does requests without awkwardly demanding a tip first.

[YouTube via The Awesomer]

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James Cassell

No matter how good the robot is, it’ll never match the awesomeness that is Igudesman & Joo.