PingAlert Lets Mom Know You're Getting Beat Up

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Parents, PingAlert is perfect for your nerdy little kid. Next time he's getting his ass kicked on the playground for lunch money, he can use PingAlert to give you the heads up. You enter a special number into a speed dial on the phone, and it dials the KidsOK service which then sends an SMS to your parents with your exact location. Then it terminates into a repeating loop where it orders pizza from Papa John's and everyone is happy. Available in the UK, a year s subscription, PingAlert for three mobiles and 10 free pings will cost about $45. Subsequent pings cost an extra 70 cents or so. Dumbest service ever. Just buy your kid some brass knuckles and no one will mess with him ever again.

PingAlert anti-bullying system [Shiny Shiny]


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