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The fact that a fire extinguisher saves lives should be enough for people to have at least one in their homes. But nooo, even the humble fire extinguisher has to look good and match your contemporary modern decor. This PinQy is only 5.5-inches tall, apparently the smallest fire extinguisher ever (um, this is a good thing?). It's meant to put out small fires, and lightweight enough so that children, elderly, and the disabled can use it. Okay, so that last bit makes the PinQy seem more reasonable. And it does look kinda like a hand grenade cute... agh, I'm getting suckered in by the shiny red ball! Not too sure where you can get one, as this may be an Europe-only product. Which is just as well, since the regular-sized ones probably do a better job anyway.

PinQy [PinQY via Shiny Shiny]


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