Between Amazon, iPods, and various external hard drives, my music collection is spread far and wide over my digital footprint. But it doesn't really matter where the media is coming from, the Pioneer Music Tap will play it.

Designed for use as either a table top stereo or as a smaller satellite player to accompany a primary A/V receiver, the Music Tap system features built-in WiFi access for using AirPlay to push media from an iTunes playlist, as well as DLNA 1.5, and vTuner Internet radio. In addition, the system has inputs for USB, FM tuning, Bluetooth (though the less expensive Pioneer version requires an external BT receiver). It's even got a slide-out iPod/Phone dock and component Video Out if you feel the need.


Much like the VSX-1021, the Music Tap runs Pioneer's proprietary AirJam app for iOS devices, which lets groups share a common playlist with music from their personal collections. Its 2.5-inch color LCD screen displays album art and metadata from whatever is currently playing.

The Music Tap system is available now and comes in two varieties: the Pioneer Music Tap retails for $399 and the Elite version—with built-in Bluetooth—runs $479. [Pioneer]

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