Pioneer's two new iPod docks allow wireless playback of anything that's Airplay-ready, as well as basically anything connected to Wi-Fi. The tabletop-sized Pioneer X-SMC3-S Music Tap and X-SMC4-K Elite Music Tap are flexible little music systems.

If somehow you have a device that doesn't support AirPlay, wireless or the 30-pin iPod dock, an Aux input and a USB port will get you going. The systems are basically identical except that the pricier "Elite" model supports Bluetooth. That's a nice addition because pretty soon just about everybody will expect their speaker system to play music wirelessly in as many ways as possible. The Pioneer Music Tap and Elite Music Tap will be available in October for $400 and $480. Sure it's nice but $80 for a Bluetooth radio seems a little steep. [Pioneer via Ecoustics]


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