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Pixar Artists Illustrate The Outer Limits Of Sexuality

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Pixar's artists definitely have a racy side, even if it doesn't always come out in their G-rated fare. But with The Ancient Book of Sex and Science, the studio's artists let loose with saucy images of science and science fiction.

The Ancient Book of Sex and Science is the second book in a planned four-book series (the first was The Ancient Book of Myth and War and explores the relationship between sex and science in Pixar's familiar, Mary Blair-inspired style. Said editor and Pixar animator Scott Morse:

Well, we're usually pretty introverted, so maybe that makes us a little kinkier. And there's a tradition of us loving Playboy cartoons and naughtier things in general. We all remember drawing in the margins of our textbooks when we were younger.


And he feels the connection between physicality and the exploration of the physical world was a natural one:

They're similar in that they both have correlating patterns, like the rhythm of math and sex, or like music with peaks and valleys, highs and lows. They can both be very calculated.


Below are samples from the book. Somehow, I'll never look at the characters from Monsters Inc. the same way again. Warning: One picture is NSFW, as you can probably tell from the thumbnail.

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