Pixar is the undisputed king of movie animation, and there are many reasons for that designation. A good part of it has to do with how well they craft stories and characters audiences love, but another part has to do with how skilled their animation team is. They create some of the most detailed worlds known to the genre, a process which can take a painfully long time.

But Pixar has a system called Presto, which they developed for Brave and has been used on every movies since, that makes animating their beautiful movies much easier. Its details are rarely seen, but last week at NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference, Pixar showed off just what Presto was capable of.


The video shows a Pixar rep manipulating environments from Monsters University. Presto's interactive capabilities are truly impressive, allowing animators to manipulate the most minute character details without taking forever to do so. After seeing just a fraction of what the software is capable of, it's no wonder Pixar stands so far above their peers.

You can also watch the rest of the presentation at ustream.tv.

[via psfk.com]