Planets Loudspeakers Deliver 360-Degree Sound

Illustration for article titled Planets Loudspeakers Deliver 360-Degree Sound

These speakers are dubbed The Planets, and due to their unique design with chrome "omni spheres" positioned above the drivers, they deliver full 360-degree sound throughout the room they're placed in. The cabinets themselves also help deliver solid bass, according to some technical mumbo-jumbo: "The cabinets use a precision double-ported design on the bottom of the speaker. Aiming the double port at the floor instead of to the front or behind the speaker creates a quasi-acoustic lens with an omni pattern." But of course! Unlike most speakers with such highfalutin' design, these are actually relatively reasonably priced at $1,295 a pair. [Product Page via BornRich]


Hey Pluto, if these are planets maybe there's hope for you, too, little fella.