Plaster Your Face All Over Important Paperwork With These Custom Stamps

Signatures are for suckers. If you really want to leave your mark on a sheet of loose leaf, consider this goofy but super-fun idea from the fine folks at Stamp Yo Face! It's a custom stamp. Of yo face.


As cool little gifties go, this is pretty rad. For $65, you get a one-inch-by-one-inch rubber stamp. That seems a little steep, but wait—there's more! You also get the original hand-drawn portrait (and digital file), plus an ink pad so this thing is ready to go straight out of the box.

How neat is that?? You get to play muse simply by sending in a pic of yourself, then sitting back and waiting for the magic to arrive in the mail.


There's also a couples option (good for wedding stuff, methinks), pets, a few choice celebs, and some mini quote bubbles, so you can tell the IRS what you really think of them come tax time in the most adorable way imaginable. [swissmiss]

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