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Darkness! Darkness is spreading! No, not the PS3—though that's spreading too—we're talking about Charlie Murphy and his appearance at the PS3 NY Launch Party on November 16. If you're one of the first 400 to show up at 550 Madison Ave., NYC, and you'll see host Ludacris and hear music by D-Nice, not to mention be able to purchase your own PS3. Party starts at 9:00PM.

If you're in SF, you're in luck as The Executive Vice President, Senior Vice President, and an Onlympic Gold Medalist show u...wait, is that right? NY gets Ludacris and Charlie Murphy, and SF gets the COO of Marketing? At least there's a "highly anticipated musical performance", which means "we don't know who's going to be there yet because he hasn't confirmed, so we're scrambling. Please come anyway!" Party starts at 8:30PM and lasts 'til 10:00PM on the barricaded 4th Street, and you can buy your PS3 at midnight.


Bonus points: send a picture of yourself with the newly bought PS3 in your pants.