PlayStation 3's Backward Compatibility Demoed

Eager to find out how the PS3 will play your old PS2 games? Here ya go. Here we take you on a tour of how the PS3 will make a new memory card, how the game loads up, and how you can reassign different SIXAXIS controllers to different "slots" on the virtual PS2.


Bonus: you'll even get a few seconds of the Final Fantasy XII title screen.

Further Viewing: PS3 Interface Walkthrough [Gizmodo]



I noticed when you press the PS button and the list comes up to Quit Game, Turn Off System, etc, I saw when you go into Assign Controller Ports, you can change those. Now if you have the PS2 to USB adapter, can't you have that plugged in, then have the Guitar Hero guitar plugged into that, then just change the controller ports?