Playstation Home 3D Chat and Avatars on Sony Ericsson Cellphones

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From Jason Chen, live at the PS Event: "They've gotten a version of PS Home working on a Sony Ericsson cellphone. It's not 3D, but the communication and chat features working on the phone." Can automatically send photos to PS Home's 3D environment (say, as a picture on a wall of your virtual home.) They're bragging about being able to launch your games on you PS3, using your in home handset. Which is dumb. You don't need to use your cellphone to launch a game on your PS3. I get it now: this is a good way to launch multiplayer games. There's more detail about the types of homes you can have for your avatars, as well as a video of the announcement:

— Launch Games Within PlayStation Home: Users will have the ability to
launch Blu-ray Disc(TM) (BD) or PLAYSTATION Network games from inside
PlayStation Home. Since PlayStation Home is designed to be a virtual
meeting place for a worldwide community, users who want to play a game
together can meet in one location to set options and start the
multi-player online game.
— New Home Square: The newly designed Home Square replaces the
PlayStation Home lobby concept first introduced at the Game Developers
Conference in March. The new open-air space provides internal
developers with more flexibility to build upon the community
— New Personal Spaces: Four new apartments including a Beach House,
Norwegian Cabin, Manhattan Penthouse and a traditional Japanese House,
were introduced today to allow for additional user choice and


Brian Lam

That is a W880i and I was using it along side a helio before iPhone. It's a great handset. Photos aren't so good, but it can blog to [] and had a great song ID function. Slim as hell, too. I very much miss it.