Editing text on the iPad can be a total pain. Say you want to insert a word in the middle of sentence. You have to tap just so or you'll stick it in the wrong spot. A guy named Daniel Hooper thinks there needs to be a better way, showing off his idea for a superior alternative in the video above.

His improved keyboard would let you select text by holding the shift key as you swipe. You'd be able to drag to move the cursor, or drag with two fingers to move it faster. The methods he demonstrates could make for a faster, more user-friendly keyboard.


But he doesn't want to keep the idea for himself, and he's not selling any kind of product. He suggests that you should send Apple a bug report to tell it you're unhappy with the keyboard, encouraging it to work on a fix. Who knows if Apple's listening but Hooper has been told that Apple looks at it as a problem, so maybe we'll see something different in the next big update to iOS. [iDownloading via Engadget]

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