Please Someone Make This Self-Destructing Packing Tape Before I Break Another Nail

You wanna know why opening a package is so thrilling? Because it's a fucking epic poem just to get the box open. By the time you're in, you'd be excited by packing peanuts and nothing else.

...Which is why, if it works as billed, this self-destructing, rip-cord packing tap is one product that absolutely should exist.


The concept is simple: a narrow string runs down the length of the tape, which, when pulled, slices right through the seal. Voila! No Exacto knives, no bread knives, no broken nails. I want to live a world where Rip Cord is real.

Sadly (maybe), this obviously ingenious product is still nothing more than a prototype, with no projected plans for production or sale. Yet. [Quirky via OhGizmo]

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