Pleo Gets Thrashed at the Hands of a Battlebot

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At Maker Faire 2008, a group of carnage-loving individuals pitted the 2007 Holiday Toy Darling Pleo against the heavy duty battle bot, Vicious Verdict, in a no holds barred competition. Needless to say, the sniff-n-grunt capability of the Pleo was no match for the blade-equipped bot, which turned Pleo into fillet meat. But the funniest part of the video (below) might be the background shrieks of little kids, who were forced to watch their Christmas present get shredded. Mean, perhaps, but undeniably funny. [DViCE via Tech Digest via Bot Junkie]

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To be honest, this is no more clever than the idiots who smashed the consoles when they were first released. It's simply a way to generate some publicity and shows what people find amusing these days. Apparently they didn't even buy the Pleo, it was donated to the show by the manufacturer - not for this.

Also, having watched the UK "Robotwars" robot battle show the one in the video wouldn't stand up to much - the blades on the front always jam, it needs a heavy flywheel to make sure it keeps spinning (the later series featured a lot of this design).