Plex Media Center Now Runs on Google TV. Wait, What?

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Media center software running on top of media center software seems silly (cue meme), but maybe you really love Plex's UI that much. Or maybe you love the Google TV hardware, but not the software? Either way, you now have options.


Plex's app is now optimized and available for Google TV, promising access to all the web-based content provided by services such as Vimeo and CNN, along with the local files you supply. And while this app will be 100% redundant down the road, it's a good way to access some services which don't yet have apps on Google TV. [Android Marketplace via Plex via Slashgear]

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Adrian, Im sorry but this was the dumbest review I have ever read here. Its almost as if you wanted to take a shot at Google TV so badly that you disregarded any positive aspects that Plex will afford the platform. SHAME ON YOU!

The only way to play network content on the GoogleTv at present is through UPNP, ie a boring ass list of all your content. Plex on the other hand turns the system into a proper index media library, with cover art, synopsis, codec info, ect... In short a much better UX.

Now couple this with myPlex release the other day and you have on hell of an awesome set-top. Think about this, $99 gets you a box that does not require any hacking (looking at you AppleTv2), that after spending $5 additional dollars on Plex and and 5 minutes of setup has the ability to direct stream from a home server over WAN. No hacking means less chance of them screwing something up on the system and causing me to go out there to fix it. MyPlex means I can walk them through connecting to my server over the phone. This is a damn dream.

The fact that it streams from other content providers in the same way that Google Tv does, is only present because its present in all Plex clients. This however is not the clients main function as you would have your readers believe. To state that this app will be 100% redundant down the road shows that you had no place reviewing an app or service you have no experience or knowledge of.