Will Sell You +1s For the Low Low Price of Your Soul

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It's only natural. People were bound to game the system to get those precious +1s so their crochet/steampunk blog got some recognition. SEO! So you can't blame for charging $9.99 for that fix, right? Of course you can.


The whole thing gives me a bad taste in my mouth. Plussem is offering "packages" where more money means more +1s. $9.99 for 50, $29.99 for 250, and $169.99 for 2000. Good deal, if the whole thing didn't sound so evil and opportunistic? But don't worry! This spammy service tries its best not to look too spammy on Google's end. Just sprinkle a few +1s from real Plussers here and there and you'll get some natural, honest-to-goodness feedback.

Effective? Maybe. Sleazy? Definitely. Good job, Plussem. [The Atlantic]



Whoever really thinks 2000 +1s will really change anything has no idea about the size of internet.

Plus, no pun intended, I have NO DOUBT that Google uses a combination of IP location of the plus when recommending results. I mean no one wants to go to a "AWESOME" pizza place that 2,003 people +1ed if it's across the country. Therefore, this service would only work near where these people are spamming +1s and will have a exponentially less affect in other locations.

There is only one idiot bigger than the one that made the website/company, the person using the service.