PMA Highlights: Ebay Mode and a Delicacy

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Uncle Earl won
t have any more excuses for posting that lousy ass photo of his 1985 Hustler collection on eBay thanks to a new feature on Casio
s slim EXILM models announced at PMA this week. The new feature, dubbed the eBay Best Shot Mode, down samples large images captured with Casio
s latest EXILIM models to make them suitable for posting on eBay. For instance, an image captured with Casio
s new 8MP EXILIM EX-Z850 will be down sampled to 2MP to make it easier to upload. No telling what your Uncle Earl is doing with an 8MP camera when he doesn
t have a frickin
job, but that
s another story.

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

The eBay Best Shot Mode also includes an Auto Macro Mode that makes it easier to capture fine detail in close-ups so all those eBay addicts out there can see every hair on the head of the bronzed Chia Pet you
ve put up for sale. Along with the EX-Z850, the eBay Best Shot Mode is included on the 6MP Casio EXILIM EX-Z60 and EX-Z600 models.

With so many stilted prepared remarks from Japanese camera company executives at PMA in Orlando, it was pretty weird to see one Camera big-wig go off-script—and off-color—during a presentation before hundreds of journalists at PMA this week. The executive, who shall remain nameless, was struggling through a long introduction when he decided to tell the crowd about his recent return from assignment in China. In a nod to one of China
s more controversial culinary delicacies, the Japanese executive said the happiest member of his family to come back from China was his dog.

The remark drew gasps and then roars of laughter from journalists in the audience, aside from one fellow from the Beijing Times who immediately decided to swap his trade show badge for one to the Sci-Fi convention going on next door. —Dan Havlik

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