Pokémon GO Plus+ Is Double Plus Good at Catching Pokémon

It also enlists Pikachu to help track your sleep habits.

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A photo of a person carrying the Pokemon Go Plus+
The Pokémon Go Plus+ is not so much a wearable as it is a puck you carry from place to place.
Screenshot: YouTube

Woe is me. As journalists, we’re supposed to maintain objectivity, but I can’t help but covet the Pokémon GO Plus+. Despite its silly, repetitive name (yes, it’s actually pronounced “plus plus”), pre-orders of the second-generation automatic Pokémon catcher are closed. So, I’ll have to remind myself to hop online in July 2023 when it goes on sale to the public.

The Pokémon GO Plus+ was introduced as part of Pokémon Day, which happens on Feb. 27 every year to commemorate when the original games were released in Japan. This is typically the day the Pokémon Company regales diehard fans with new things to buy.

The Pokémon GO Plus+ is one of the latest releases. It works similarly to the first-gen Pokémon GO Plus wristband, but you carry it around your person instead of wearing it like a watch. It uses Bluetooth LE to track your walking and syncs up via your smartphone with Pokémon GO. And like the first-gen Pokémon GO Plus Bluetooth bracelet and Poké Ball Plus (as well as the countless dupes that have popped up all over the internet), the device can automatically throw Poké balls and spin PokéStops as you’re out and about. It will also unlock a Special Research storyline to catch a Snorlax with a sleeping cap—gotta catch ‘em all, after all.


New to the Pokémon GO Plus+ is the ability to place it under your pillow to track your sleep. Granted, the actual sleep tracking is done through the Pokémon Sleep app, which was originally announced in May 2019 and will launch sometime this summer on Android and iOS. But the Pokémon GO Plus+ will have an accelerometer to track your snooze. I imagine this will become a device for parents to monitor their kid’s sleep habits surreptitiously. But it could also be an alternative for anyone who hates wearing smartwatches to bed. Plus (plus!), there’s a built-in alarm and a speaker so Pikachu can sing you to sleep. Pika-honk-shoo.

Speaking of smartwatches, as part of Pokémon Day today, Samsung re-released its collection of themed accessories for its Galaxy devices. This includes a $40 Poké ball cover for the Galaxy Buds, a $50 case for the Galaxy Z Flip 4, and a $40 leather watch strap, which I bought last year when Samsung replenished its stock to outfit my Galaxy Watch 4. The leather watch strap is smooth and feels like quality leather, but it’s slightly flimsy compared to a silicone band. The lightning bolt-shaped loop on the strap is also loose. Needless to say, this is a Pokémon-themed accessory that’s sitting in waiting in my closet unless there’s a special occasion.